Wolfram Alpha , “a google killer” ( as many skeptics say so)  is more of a computational engine rather than a search engine.  It’s more mathematical when compared to google and has its own advantages and disadvantages when compared with google.

Though many rumours spread out recently that it will compete and defeat google, according to Stephen Wolfram,who is  the founder of this prestigious engine  it is not at all about competition . Explaining Wolfram Alpha in comparision to google is very easy . So let me explain with few examples -

1. Type “pi” in the google and type the same in the WolframAlpha.

In google, you will get a numerical value of pi i.e., pi = 3.14159265  (along with the links to the other websites containing the information related to “pi”)  .

Where as in WolframAlpha ,you will get  Infinite and accurate decimal expansion

As you see google is a search engine which search for the webpages containing information about the given input, where as WolframAlpha is giving the direct answer to the query instead of showing us the webpages.

2. Though WolframAlpha is giving you the direct answers for the queries it may not give the closely related or completely related searches which makes it difficult to use at times. For example ,

Type the bluescreen of death code “0×0000007” in google and as well as in WolframAlpha and observe the difference.

In google , as you type the code you can get all the topics and information that can possibly relate to your queries,

Whereas in WolframAlpha all you can see is a bunch of numerical calculations which makes it more mathematical.

3. Type in “movie times” in both google and WolframAlpha and observe

In google, you will get the related movie timings ,movies, movie theatres information

Where as in WolframAlpha all you get is a less relevant answer which you can see in the below image

4. Type the keyword ” weather” in google as well as in WolframAlpha and check whats gonna come.

In google,  you will see the basic weather info of the place you are living in and other weather related topics which you might be searching for .

Where as in WolframAlpha all you see is the statistics ,weather conditions and geographical information of your place .

Hence it has its own advantages and disadvantages but in my view there is nothing that can kill Google and it will be a kid’s question if you ask me ! Hence we can use WolframAlpha for most of the numerical answers that you are intended to find!