What If You Ask Siri To Tell You A Story – Amazing Things Revelead About Siri

This is How Siri Tells You A Story If You Ask !

As we all know by now that Siri is an intelligent technology that has been brought to us through Apple iPhone 4S. This digital assistant is found to be a real genius that… whatever you ask , it will give an answer that really satisffies your curiousity.Considering it as one of the Top 10 best features of iPhone 4S, it does give few answers, for which people are going crazy ! Like I have mentioned in my earlier post  a funny video on Siri that a guy asking – “Siri ! Will you Marry me?“, now there is another surprising thing that revealead about Siri ! Amanda Stewart asked Siri to tell her a Story and  she got really amazed by the answer that it replied back to her !

Check out these screenshots that show us Siri telling a story to Amanda after she asked it ! Though it might not be too long that happily put you to sleep at nights,still its quite impressive and innovative. It wonders us all that what Siri can’t do ! I guess the whole Apple iPhone 4S sales went up due to people who just to grab this feature on their favourite smartphone.

Another surprising thing is how many hours Apple team might have spent in developing the answer inputs for the questions that are fine-tuned. Did You Ask Your Siri Anything new and came up with something strange…If so Comment below  and share with us !



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