Walmart Offer : Buy a HP Laptop and Get HP Touchpad For Free

There is an amazing combo offer that Walmart has come out this week. If you make a purchase of HP Laptop then you will be getting an Free HP Touchpad in return. The laptop costs around $348 and the HP Touchpad comes at a price of $149. So you will be saving the HP Touchpad’s cost if you purchase this deal. HP faced a very hard time in the month august,2011 and dropped its price to $149 i.e., the price of 32GB HP touchpad.

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The configuration for HP Touchpad is with 1GB RAM,1.2GHz Snapdragon processor dual core and comes with an operating system Web OS.The HP Laptop’s configuration is 3GB RAM, 2.1 GHz Intel Celeron processor with a HDD Of 320GB and the display size is 15.6 inches.

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So if you are in a plan to buy a new laptop, you can make use of this offer and get a HP Touchpad along with the purchase you made from the Walmart. All you need to do is select a HP Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium as its OS and purchase it on Walmart from the link given below . You will be finally getting your HP Laptop along with the HP touchpad as soon as possible depending upon the shipping options you choose there. If you want to grab only HP Touchpad, then you can do an individual search on Walmart online store.

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