Use Forecast Tweak To Replace iOS lock screen with Live Weather Updates

The Forecast tweak is something really appealing for all the jailbroken iOS users who usually find the whole lock screen boring and obsolete. The Android users tend to show off  their devices when it comes to this interactive and engaging lock screens which make all the iOS users a little jealous. This latest tweak is from a developer Stimpy5050 that is successful in innovating a minor change to the device’s lock screen by totally clearing up the familiar time and date snippet which is present at the top of the display and thereby replacing it with a native looking weather widget which makes you recognize from the Notification Center pull-down menu.

Soon after installation, this tweak will not have any additional home screen icons or configurable settings entries with it. The Forecast tweak, when installed gets activated by default that means you are required to remove the package completely through Cydia provided you wish to go back to the old time and date display. The most interesting feature about Forecast is all about the native aesthetics that it renders and it doesn’t look out of place when displayed on the lock screen. The Forecast tweak, once installed, makes use of the local weather system to grab weather information which includes the current temperature both high and low forecasts for the day. To the left hand side of the widget the time and date will be displayed along with a well crafted image that keeps showing all the local conditions visually.

One more feature that makes Forecast unique is that it will refresh itself every fifteen minutes. To the bottom right hand corner, there happens to be a refresh option that makes you to update the weather manually. The main advantage of this automatic refresh of the tweak is that it will not use a great deal of cellular data. It also means that it will not have any unfavorable effect on battery life, so that it does not claim constant attention.

Forecast, a nifty and very useful option for all of you who wish to change from the standard iOS lock screen experience and the native implementation. This intends to mean that it fits in perfectly with all the rest of iOS. Forecast is available from the ModMyi repository and is priced about $0.99 (introductory price) which will be altered soon.


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