Top Best 10 Free iPad Games Of 2011

The below given are The Top High Definition (HD) iPad Games For Free . Get them downloaded now.


Download Free 10 Best High Definition iPad Games Of 2011 :

1.Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the most popular and most addicted game for the game lovers since 2009. Rovio developers who developed this game has really put efforts to bring out this iPad version which is pretty cool to play. The Apple users who got really bored of playing this game on the small screen of iPhone comparitive to iPad will surely love this game. Angry Birds really deserves to be the top game in the list.

2.Pin shuffle Lite

Everyone loves bowling right ! Then this game is surely for you. With iPad’s larger screen it feel very real and amazing. Now why dont you grab a ball and try hitting some pins! Accuracy is also a good feature in this game. This game comes for free along with fun filled in it.


3.Brave heart

Brave heart is another Awesome iPad game especially for the action lovers. All you need to do is kill enemies who come in your way and just keep finding the way to get the Holy Grail. This will be really addictive and keep you playing. This is one of the best ways to make the gaming experience speechless and mind blowing.

4.Hungry Shark

The latest version of this which was released in the march of 2011 is pretty good. The shark is hungry because it hasnt eaten anything for a longtime. So now you must direct the path of the shark so that it keeps catching its fishes or any food in that comes in its way.Ofcourse the person who isnt dare enough to see the blood must not play this game. This is my strict warning to them who are weak at heart because the effects are so real that you will feel like the real blood is dripping from the sharks teeth.

5.Snooker Club

We all played snookers and we still keep playing it. Snooker club allows you to feel the realistic snooker cue sticks as if you are really holding them in your hands . This is really a cool game to kill your time.

6.Istunt 2 

we all know about snowboarding some visually and few practically. Istunt 2 takes you to the real journey of a snowboarder where you can actually feel the beauty of nature and you need not have much brain to think about playing this game. All you need is little practise and skill to keep that guy moving.

7.Paper Football 

The name sounds funny isnt it? The game is much more fun.There are no words to describe this game because it is just that simple and it is already half-understood in the name itself. Try this game when you are really bored it will surely serve the purpose.

8.Real Solitaire 

Most of the people in the world play the basic game of cards. Whenever you feel alone this will really help you to overcome your loneliness. Now you can play cards with different feel good backgrounds which will really make you feel pleasant !

9.Men Vs Machines 

This another action game which you might like to play on your iPad. This is also a Free iPad game in which you can actually fight with the most advanced weaponry and keep killing your enemies !


10.Pocket Legends 

Pocket legends is a free iPad game which is especially for the fantasy lovers. The graphics are real good. One must have to try this iPad game for sure!