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Best 10 Free Online Proxy Websites, Softwares, VPN, Anonymous IP services

Top 10 free online proxy websites for anonymous web or internet browsing, Proxy Desktop Software, Free VPN, Online Proxy Websites, IP Hiding  : Before  knowing about the free online proxy websites , you must get acquainted with few terms like Proxy, Anonymous browsing and Proxy Website actually mean. A proxy is a server that is capable of concealing [...]

Bookflavor Better Than as an Alternative ?

Bookflavor is a gorgeous site that’s easier to browse than  There has been a lot of change in the way the Books are being purchased. This so called change has been entirely brought about by the arrival of new iPad 2 and Amazon Kindle devices. The act of Browsing  books for purchase has always [...]

YouTube HTML5 Video Player Beta, Flash Alternative: Features Improved !

According to a post in Google Operating System, YouTube Video Player HTML5 beta version updated with latest improvements to its features and this is like gaining ground on the old Flash version. It has been an year now that HTML5 beta version of YouTube player is made available for the users and it is a great option [...]

How to Get or enable new YouTube Design, Layout, Interface : Tutorial

How to Enable New YouTube UI right now, latest design or layout On Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari web browsers ? Are you searching for the same?  Then here is a simple tutorial for you with which you can enable YouTube new design or interface easily.Recently a new look for the most popular Video [...]

Best 10 VPS Hosting Services : Top Websites : Free VPS Servers & Paid VPS

Best Virtual Private Server Services,  free web hosting, reseller services, dedicated servers, paid cPanel premium hosting,VPS backup, business class hosting are given below. In the context of client-server architecture, a server is a computer program running to serve the requests of other programs called clients, performing some computational task on behalf of them. The clients either run on the same computer or [...]

How To Control Data Usage On Your Android Phone : Onavo Free App Download

How To Monitor 3G Data Usage or Limit to Keep track of Data Usage On Android Mobiles : Control your Data Usage On Your Android Phones easily now !  - If you are an Android user, you must be probably making use of internet by enabling your Wi-Fi or 3G connection on your Android Mobile. If you don’t [...]

Play Tom and Jerry Game Online For Free – Flash Game – Run Jerry Run !

Though Free Download Of  Tom and Jerry game For Windows PC, Mac OS X , XBox 360, Playstation 3 is out of my search for now I found a Flash Game of  Tom and Jerry which kept me out of boredom for sometime ! I always love to write techie stuff but at times you need to [...]

Mind – Controlled Siri Activation Hack ? You Gotta Be Kidding Me ! [ YouTube Video]

A Brain – Powered Siri Activation Video has been recently demonstrated by a group of Hackers , who say that whatever you think in your mind will acts as a  Command to Siri [that is your personal digital asssistant  and one among the 10 top features of iPhone 4S.] Well coming into further details, there [...]

10 Great Websites That Transformed The Contemporary World ? : Decoding The Past

Want to Know About The Websites that changed the world ? There are infinite fields in today’s world and due to excessive competitors in every field, the competition has become toughest. Internet has made revolutionary changes in today’s world and now our earth has become a global village. Nowadays it’s a piece of cake to get [...]

Microsoft Office 365 Features Explained – How To Use It – Reviews – Video Tutorial

Want To Know What Exactly Is Microsoft Office 365 and How to Use it ? Some of you might compare this way : ms office 365 vs google docs or ms office 365 vs google apps .Inorder to clarify all those doubts, here is an article covering the most of its features and uses. Its a familiar and [...]

Walmart’s Black Friday Deals : Get Exclusive And Massive Discounts On Gaming Stuff

Black Friday Deals On Walmart are already started ! There are several attractive discounts and Special deals that are being offered now ! Especially the deals you get on Video games are amazing,you can purchase even gaming accessories and consoles for a pretty reasonable price ! As Black Friday is not so far, the retailers [...]

Augmented Reality – A High End Technology That Can Transform Future – Applications

What Is Augmented Reality ? [Tutorial] This is one of the most newfangled innovations done in the field of technology and this word is generally used when the elements of the real world envirornment are augmented by the system generated sensory inputs. In brief, it can be stated that AR lays over(super imposes) all the [...]

Get The Most Out Of By Registering To Amazon Prime Membership is well-known to everyone as the World’s Largest Retailer - Online that run websites separately and exclusively for different countries on like Japan,United States,UK,Germany etc. You will be also having many daily deals and shipping discounts on many products that you purchase. So today let’s have an overview on one of its membership programs named [...]

[How To] Get A Free Website,Domain Name(.in) And Hosting :(Google + Hostgator)

Do you need a Free Website with Domain and  Hosting For Free ? Then here is a way for you and if you are an Indian this will be very helpful for you as the domain you are getting will be (.in)! There are billions of people living in India who are running their businesses [...]

Google Fiber Project :Bringing The Super Fast Internet To Europe [Report Says]

Google Fiber -Super Fast Internet To Europe -Accoring to few reports from Market Watch, Google is looking forward to setup its high speed fiber network called Google Fiber,which can be possible somewhere in the Europe.This report is based on the statements made by the Google Sr.VP David Drummond on a  French Industry Meeting. What Exactly Is [...]

[How To] Use YouTube Video Editor For Editing YouTube Videos Online

Edit Your Own Videos On YouTube Using YouTube Video Editor: YouTube is where we all watch videos online. It has huge database of Videos that keeps you coming atleast once in a day. We not only view videos but also upload our favourite videos or personal broadcasts on YouTube. Now YouTube is not just limited [...]

[How To] View And Edit Excel Files or Spreadsheets Online For Free

Easily Edit Your Excel Files Online Using Zoho Viewer : Previously we have seen ways on How To View Excel Files On PC Without Installing the Complete MS-OFFICE . Inorder to do that you need to download the software. Most of you might not like softwares  to be downloaded and installed on your PC, so [...]

[How To] Merge And Split PDF Files Online For Free

Combine And Split Your PDF Files For Free Online : If you are having a huge PDF files which you want to chunk into pieces ,then you will be needing a PDF splitter. So once you have done splitting your PDF files and you want to join them back , then you will need a [...]

[How To] Edit PDF Files Online For Free Without Downloading Any Software

Easily Edit Your PDF Files Online For Free Using PDF Escape : PDF or Portable Document Format is a famous document format that is used by many people around the globe. We can easily convert any document to PDF File and vice versa. There are many online and offline converters available for such purpose. What [...]

Top 10 Best Free Online Video Converters

How To Convert Videos Online For Free : Many of you dont like to install softwares on your PC, as a matter of fact they also increase the CPU usage. So if you want to convert your videos Online for free you can upload your videos directly and convert them. So just browse your video [...]

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