Organize Camera Roll On iOS Using Fotoable App – Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Most of the Apple iOS users are annoyed by the unorganized photos or images on their Camera Roll. Functionally, the Camera Roll on iOS can make the photos viewable but they are not sorted out in an organized fashion. When there is a huge load of photos in your Camera Roll scrolling through them will become much easier if they are organized. So say goodbye to random photo scrolling on your iOS devices as Fotoable app can help you organize camera roll in such a way that it is less painful and time-saving. It is the best alternative solution for camera roll out there.

The boring Camera Roll that is default in any iOS device can be now replaced by Fotoable app. It is a free app with which you can organize any number of photos in the form of albums. In such albums it is very easy to search any photo in specific. It makes use of Photo Roll and doesn’t duplicate any photo i.e., no doubling of a photos will be done. This is a very useful feature as there will be lots of space that can be saved for other photos or pictures.

Once your photo is taken it will be scanned by this app and then you can mass select or batch select any number of photos to create an awesome album. It will auto-organize photos if they look similar otherwise you have to manually organize it. Your favourite photos appear on the main screen top which brings in joy while scrolling. This app is free for a limited time and can be downloaded from Apple App Store right away.

Click Here To Download Fotoable App via App Store for iOS 4.0 Or higher versions like iOS 5, iOS 6 ( iPhone 4S, 5, iPad 2, iPod Touch 4G etc ).