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Best Website To Learn Ruby, Python, ASP or PHP, Perl CGI, Java for Free Online [ Coding & Programming ] - As you are aware that there are many programming languages available to Web developers , and by learning languages like ASP, PHP, or Perl CGI, you can make your Web pages more appealing and interactive. There has been a diversity of programming languages that are suitable for conventional programming tasks. No language will completely monopolize  programming  although the variations in their  availability and suitability of the current offerings is likely to favor some. Java is available and generally suitable at the same time. Thus JavaScript is the most preponderate  programming language of the Web,that was developed  by Brendan Eich during his time at Netscape in just ten days.

The co-founder of Codecademy, Ryan Bubinski declared that JavaScript was commonly referred to as one of the worst languages ever written until it has emerged into the de facto language of the web. Though Java and JavaScript share a common name due to thin line of similarity, it is in fact, originally named as LiveScript, and was christened later in a joint branding effort between Netscape and Sun Microsystems, the creator of the Java programming language.

HOW DOES IT WORK: JavaScript has something to do with coding that seems to be the language of the Internet. Usage of Internet is mainly done without properly knowing how it is spoken. You might think that, learning how coding is done is little bit irking and definitely time-consuming but it isn’t like that always. There is facile way to learn how to code. New York City based company teaches people a technique to code with freely interactive instructions. It has never been so approachable to learn coding online. It has got a simple window in your browser with endless prompts. Unlike its competitor, Codecademy  keeps track of your total score, your lessons completed and trophy’s earned. It awards users with badges for completed lessons with the ability to share these badges across social networks.

Presently, Codecademy provides a lot of  basic JavaScript lessons Online. JavaScript is easier to learn and its more static. Ruby, Python or PHP are the present day languages of the web. If you are interested to learn this language, then you can sign up using your Facebook, to avail the plan that has been put forth by Codecademy offering  thousand lessons, including HTML instruction soon. You can build amazing Games, Websites and Apps by learning Code languages.

No matter  what language you choose, there is always a change of few constraints accompanying it. A choice which seemingly is optimal in one dimension may or may not optimal in the other.