Nokia Reveals Lumia 505 – A Cheap Budget-Priced Windows Phone

With its complete focus on the every smartphone using nation, Nokia had already announced in october its release of a Windows 8 phone called Nokia Lumia 510. Now its time for the launch of another such phone called Nokia Lumia 505. These smartphones are said to be budget-oriented phones for the Nokia users who want to experience Windows Phone OS on their mobiles. Mexico is where Lumia 505 smartphone debut is going to be.

With regards to the features and specifications this mobile runs on Windows Phone 7.8 platform. Memory is 256MB of RAM. Display is AMOLED sizing about 3.7 inch. Flash memory is 4GB. 3G connectivity is made possible on bands 850MHz as well as on 1900MHz.

Nokia is trying to make a market for affordable mobile phones which would not only increase its sales but also give a boost to platforms such as Windows Phone. Though the details of  Nokia Lumia 505 launch is not given yet. We will have to wait for sometime so that it will be made available first on Telcel in Mexico.

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