Near Field Communication technology or NFC capabilities for Apple iPhone 4S or iPhone 5  in 2011 was a rumor before its release was officially announced. Now there are several speculations going on and there are several rumors spread regarding the launch of iPhone with NFC capabilities.

According to the sources Mac Rumors and Digitimes, As the NFC support is present on the mobiles of Nokia’s Bada, BlackBerry and Google’s Android – Both Apple and Microsoft are planning together to bring NFC support to Windows Phone and Apple iOS in the year 2012. According to the Taiwanese makers of smartphones there will be a gradual increase in the manufacturing of NFC enabled smartphones from current 10% to 50% in the coming 2-3 years.

NFC enabled smartphone models of 2011 include the manufacturers RIM, Nokia, HTC and Samsung Electronics who had given there best.The issues regarding the standardization of NFC is the reason for the slow growth of technology, but now a SIM-Based standard has been signed by Verizon and AT&T including other 45 wireless carriers to resolve those issues.For the moment it should be considered as a rumor but there are still expectations of NFC enabled iPhone from Apple as even Google launched the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is an NFC enabled device.