Microsoft Flight Beta PC Game Registration : Sign Up Now !

Microsoft, an American Corporation has paved it way to be on the top in airplane and flight simulation. Microsoft Flight is the name of a new flight simulator from Microsoft Studios blared out in August 2010. It has an intention to replace the long-running discontinued Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise existing for nearly 30 years. In January 2011, Microsoft declared that it would be compatible with Windows Vista, Windows Server and Windows 7. Few people regard it as a game while others who live and breathe Flight Simulator may have some more things to be said about the simulator.

The company has been flaunting its progress on the Microsoft Flight website. Any new version of the popular game will be available at some point of time. There has been no change in the name of simulator just to make it appear a bit cool and pleasing to a potential audience. Now the company is opening the beta of Flight up to everyone who desires to be in. It requires you to sort out few needed forms at this point.

If you are going to put your name in the hat to get in on the Flight beta, then you’ll need to go through Microsoft’s usual level if form-filling and signing your life away. The developers are quite sure that it is worth in the long run and it also provides you with the Xbox 360 dashboard update betas.

This often displays some serious graphical skills that are you may be looking forward to see them in action on real machines. Flight will no doubt provide it in spades. If you are a Flight simulator game fan then you must keep a track of all such developments. If you’re going to sign up for that beta, sincerely hope that you enjoy it. None can deny that, this has been no doubt a great news for all the interested ones.