Edit Your Own Videos On YouTube Using YouTube Video Editor:

YouTube is where we all watch videos online. It has huge database of Videos that keeps you coming atleast once in a day. We not only view videos but also upload our favourite videos or personal broadcasts on YouTube. Now YouTube is not just limited to Viewing videos anymore as you can do many cool things with it. Like I wrote an article before on How To Convert 2D videos To 3D on YouTube , you can also Edit your own videos on YouTube using its Video Editor.In this tutorial, you will be learning about How exactly you can Use YouTube Video Editor Feature for editing your Uploaded YouTube Videos.

Just Go To This link -> youtube.com/editor and sign-in into your YouTube account to try out following cool features !
1. Cropping Videos

The basic feature of any Video Editor is Cropping the Videos.With the help of YouTube Video Editor, Cropping is made very easy. All you need to do is drag- and – drop the video file into the below Editor and hover your mouse pointer on it. You will get a small image of “scissors” to Trim, on which you have to click. Then a new screen will appear in which you can adjust timelines and crop the video easily. Finally save it to publish. Thats it ! Its very simple. Check out the below screenshots to have some more idea of it !

2. Splicing Videos

With the help of YouTube Video Editor you can also splice or combine videos together to make them as a single video. This can be done very easily by dragging the videos side by side and finally save/publish the project.You can also make use of creative commons videos by clicking on “CC” tab.


3. Adding Music

This is one of the coolest features for the YouTube users with which you can add some background music to your Videos and bring them to life. To add Music just click on the Music symbol “♫” on the Video Editor and select /search for your desired music track to be added. Finally when you find one, just drag and drop to the  given Audio trackline in the Editor below. Thats it !Its very simple and then you can easily save/publish it !

4. Adding Transitions

You can also add cool transition effects between or before or at the end of Videos easily. Inorder to add transitions just click on the symbol that is present to the right of Music symbol  ”♫”. You will see a number of transition effects out of which you can select one and drag n drop it into the editor field between or before or at the end of your Videos and finally publish it ! You can even make use of preview video to test the outcome. If you want to change brightness of your video ,you can just hover on to your video and click on the magic wand that appears there to adjust your brightness settings.

5. Adding Text

If you want to input any text on to your YouTube Videos ,you can make it happen using Video Editor. If you want to add text before or after the video just click on ” T ” option given there and drag-n-drop that text template before or after the video in the editor field to edit the text. If you want to add text directly on to the video just hover the mouse pointer on the video where you can see ” T ” symbol go ahead and click on it to add any text of your desire.

Note : There is also another features called Rotate ,which can be used to rotate your videos. This option can be used when you hover mouse pointer on the video and click on rotate button that appears there. Check it out !

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