[How To] Upload Multiple Photos On Facebook Easily – Bulk Images Upload

Upload Multiple Photos or Pictures To Facebook Instantly:

Inorder to Upload Multiple Pictures or Photos On Facebook  no third-party solutions are required and it is a very simple task to achieve. Most of you must be Using Facebook as a platform to share everything that happens in your life and also love to Upload and share multiple photos on your Facebook. As Facebook is one of the world’s largest social networking sites, it has more than 90 billion photos hosted on its servers and every month there are about 2.5 billion photos being added. So you can  imagine how much people use facebook for uploading and sharing their photos. The primitive methods of uploading just a single photo each time doesnt meet our needs when we have bulk number of photos. Now you can easily upload multiple pictures on to Facebook Using its basic Facebook uploader only.So to upload your multiple photos to Facebook , you just have to follow few simple steps that I explain below. The trick is pretty simple and handy.

How To Upload Many (multiple) Photos To Facebook Easily :

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is login to your Facebook Account giving required credentials.

Step 2

Now you need to go to your Profile and there find the Photos option which can be visible easily. Just go ahead and click on the Photos option.

Step 3

Then you must find an option called Add Photos , once you find click on it and a window gets popped up. There on the window itself you can see the tip given by the Facebook developers which we are going to use now. As you can see Select Photos Option there , click on it and browse your folders on PC where all your Photos are present. [It is recommended that you keep all the multiple  photos in a single folder on your hard-disk so that all the photos can be browsed from one location]. Now just Hold “CTRL” button on your keyboard then single-click(left) or select each photo that you want to upload.

Step 4

Finally click on the Open button and the Uploading starts instantly in a window. While the Photos are uploading you can Create an Album if you want one and name it as per your desire. You can also choose the privary options for sharing those photos on your Facebook.

Thats it ! This is how you upload multiple photos on Facebook easily ! There are also few chrome extensions available for uploading bulk photos on to facebook but i dont think they are useful when you have a simple trick !