[How To] Transfer Your Facebook Photos To Google+ / Google Plus

Want to transfer all your Photos from Facebook to Google+ ? Here is the quick solution for your curiosity ! Google+ has been a good rival to Facebook and Twitter since the time it had been launched ! Now everyone love to hangout in Google+ as there are many user-intuitive features embedded in it! So if you are in a thought of moving your Facebook photos to Google Plus then you can follow the below tips and get the process done very easily !

Move2Picasa is one of the best services I have seen that allow you to transfer your Facebook Albums To Google Plus via Picasa. I also mentioned another way on How to move your Facebook Albums To Google+ Using moveyourphotos.com ! You can make use of either of these services depending upon the ease that they serve you.

The basic method involved is very simple. As it is possible that every photo on Picasa can be viewed or shared on Google Plus, we need to find a quick solution that easily moves all the photos from your Facebook albums to Picasa first ! Move2Picasa comes as a chrome extension for your web browser which you can download or add to your web browser with just few clicks.

Once it is installed on your chrome browser you just need to go to the Facebook page where all your photo albums are present. Now create an album or upload all the photos to queue using this extension and then move them to your online Picasa account easily. This will definately be very helpful for those who are looking forward to transfer or share facebook photos on Google+ !