Move/Transfer Nokia Contacts To iPhone Easily :

Inorder to Move/Transfer your contacts from Nokia Mobile To Apple iPhone there are few methods that I am going to discuss in this article. As far as I know there two good methods by which you can easily transfer your Nokia mobile contacts to Apple iPhone.Let’s see what they are !

First Method : Transfer Your Nokia Mobile Contacts To Apple iPhone Without Using Computer 

Inorder to transfer all the contacts the that are present in your Nokia Mobile (contacts) to iPhone,first thing you need to do is copy all the Nokia contacts directly into the SIM card. To copy the contacts into the SIM card , you must insert that SIM into your Nokia Mobile and then follow the below steps .

Go to Menu -> then to Options -> Choose Copy -> Select All Contacts -> Finally Keep Original

After you are done with following the above steps, the copying of contacts from Nokia Mobile starts automatically into your inserted SIM card. After finishing the copy process, you must insert the same SIM (to which now you have copied all your Nokia contacts) into your iPhone. Now you have to follow few steps again to get the process done ! Follow below steps on your Apple iPhone carefully .

Go to Home -> then to Settings -> Choose Mail,Contacts,Calendar -> Finally select Import SIM Contacts 

By following the above steps,you will be successfully able to transfer your Nokia Contacts on to your iPhone Instantly !


Second Method : Transfer Nokia Contacts To iPhone Using Outlook,Nokia PC Suite and iTunes 

Step 1

This method is a bit advanced way of copying Nokia Contacts to iPhone. All you need to do is by installing Nokia PC suite on to your computer, you must be able to establish a connection between your Computer and Nokia Mobile. The connection may vary like it can be via Wi-Fi,Data Cable or by Bluetooth as per to your convinience !

Step 2

Once you are  done with installion Of Nokia PC Suite on to your PC then make sure that you have MS Outlook/Outlook Express on your PC installed already.When you are sure that your Nokia Mobile is connected to PC and MS Outlook is installed just follow the below steps.

First Go to Sync -> then to the Sync Options -> Choose Contacts and then finally select the Option that says Microsoft Outlook, which is placed under the title Sync with contacts application -> Finally Click “OK “.

Step 3

Now just go ahead and click on the Sync button, which starts sychorinaztion of all the contacts present in the Nokia Mobile to MS outlook. Once the sync is done, you carefully Disconnect your Nokia Mobile from PC after shutting down the Nokia PC Suite. So all your Contacts are now saved in MS Outlook.

Step 4

Now you need to copy all the contacts in the MS Outlook To Your iPhone. Begin it by connecting your Apple iPhone to PC , after which you must be launching the Apple iTunes Software On your Computer. Inorder to see the summary of your iPhone just click on the iPhone device tab present in the left side of your iTunes.

Now in this Window look out for the Info tab and click on it. Then there will “Sync Contacts with” on which you have to tick or check and leave it as default. Also let the below it be selected that says “All Contacts”. Finally Click on the Apply button.

This will start copying all your Nokia Mobile contacts from MS Outlook to iPhone and when once you are done carefully exit all the programs. So you have easily transferred/Copied All your Nokia Contacts To Your Apple iPhone !

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