How To Sync Google Calendar On Your iPhone :

Inorder to target iPhone users who especially use their mobiles for making To-do lists and organize calendars inorder to set date for an important meeting , there are many calendar apps are made available in the market these days. So if you want your daily schedules to be organized,Google calendar is what you have to choose.With the help of Google calendar it is very easy creating multiple calendars and they can be instantly shared among any number of people. So inorder to do this you need to setup a sync between your iPhone and Google. Lets see how it is done in the following tutorial.

Step By Step Guide On How To Sync Google Calendar With iPhone :

Before you follow these steps make sure that your iPhone is not having anyother calendars like Outlook calendar or Exchange installed on it because it can only synchronize with one calendar at a time.

* First you need to Go to Settings, then Open Mail – Contacts – Calendars and Now tap on Add Account.Now you should be able to see Microsoft Exchange, go ahead and select it.

* Then Under the Email Section you must input your Email Address.

* Now under the Domain Section you need to type in “

* Make sure that under Username column you give your full Gmail address & also enter your Password in the column alloted for Google account Password.

* Now on the Top of the screen click on the Next button and if you are prompted any warning that says “Unable to verify certificate” then you have to choose Cancel Option.

* Under the description option you will have to select “Google Calendar” and then click on “Next”.

* Then there will a prompt asking you for the server name, so go ahead and type and then click on Next.

* Also check that the “Calendar” option is put “ON”.

* In iPhone mail if you need to enable the push Gmail option then make sure that the Mail is kept “ON”.

* Also “ON” your contacts,that too if you had all your contacts that  were copied to Gmail already.Otherwise all your iPhone contacts get replaced with the address book contacts of your Gmail.

* Finally, after performing above steps just tap on “Done”.

Thats it you have successfully made a sync between your Google Calendar and iPhone now !