[How To] Sync Video And Audio Using VLC Media Player Instantly

Synchronize Audio and Video Using VLC Media Player Instantly:

Most of the time we see Video and Audio going out of sync i.e, either video is playing faster than audio or vice versa. This happens due to improper encoding of the Media file. There are times when you download many huge sized movies for hours and finally when you play the movie you will observe that video and audio are out of sync. Thats really a very annoying situation. In order to fix such out of sync problem I have a quick solution for you. In this tutorial you will exactly learn How to Sync Video and Audio Using VLC Media Player Instantly.

How To Synchronize Video And Audio Using Video Lan (VLC) Player : 

Step 1

Firstly you need to download VLC Media Player latest version For free online. Now install it on your PC.

Step 2

Once the installation is done , Open the Video that is out of sync with VLC Media Player.

Step 3

Now carefully observe the type of sync. If the Audio is playing before Video then press key ‘K’ on your keyboard (sometimes you need to press Ctrl+K on desktop and fn+K on laptop just check it out which one works for you). If the Audio is playing after the Video then press key “J” on your keyboard (sometimes you need to press Ctrl+J on desktop and fn + J if it is a laptop). By doing this you can either add 50 secs or minus 50 secs so that you make the audio and video synchronized.

Step 4

Thats it ! You are done ! Just keep pressing hotkeys instantly until you make your Audio and Video come to a sync.

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