How To Sync iTunes Library With Any Music Player On Android via USB Or Wifi : Download iSyncr App

If you ever wanted to sync library of music directly from iTunes to an Android device via Wifi or USB instantly, an App called iSyncr does the job. The speciality of the app is there are no limitations, you can play or access the music that is synchronized on your Android device by means of any music player installed on it. So the limitation of using just a default player is removed. This app can be downloaded onto both Windows or Mac OS X platforms which is a great advantage that any user could really make use of.

This application handles the multiple playlists that are in iTunes so that user can easily choose their desired playlists on their Android devices. Even if user is running out of storage space and need to move their entire music on to their SD Card memory this app has a feature which allows to store music on different device locations.

Inorder to make the setup process less painful and easier, developers included a setup tutorial within the software itself. You can easily connect the device and computer to a common network and can synchronize all the music using a USB Cable or Wifi. Mac variant of iSyncr shows limited compatibility, i.e., it is only compatible with Snow Leopard & Leopard. Earlier Price of this app was 3.99$ which is reduced to 1.99$ now on Amazon !!

Download iSyncr App here via : PC Variant  OR Mac Variant


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