[How To] Sync Android Phone With PC Using Android Manager Wifi

Android mobiles are one of the best selling smartphones in the contemporary world. So if you have an Android smartphone you must be having a much more valuable data stored in it ! Without Backing up your entire android mobile  you are exposed to high risk of losing data in it . So one must be able to have a easy backup of data so that they can reduce the risk factor. The one best way of doing it is by regularly synching your Android data with your PC. This is normally done by data cable and if you have a wifi enabled laptop or PC the following tutorial is just for you !

How to make a Sync between Android Mobile and PC Using Android Sync Manager Wifi :

Step 1 -

Firstly you need to download softwares for both PC and Android Mobile to make this happen. First download Android Sync Manager Wifi that should be installed on your PC and make sure that it is installed on your PC . With Android Sync Manager Wifi you can connect Android mobile to PC via Wifi.

Download Android Sync Manager Wifi 

Step 2 -

Now its time to install  software on your Android Mobile . Download Android Sync Manager Wifi Agent and install it on your Android mobile.

Step 3 - Sync Android and PC

Now once the both softwares are installed Make sure that you keep Wifi “ON” on  both PC and Android Mobile. Then start running the applications on both PC and Android Mobile.

Step 4 -

The software that is installed on the Android Mobile acts a client and generates a PIN and IP address which you have to enter into your PC installed software to make them connected .

Step 5 -

After entering the PIN and the IP address under the connection settings on PC , you will be notified on your Android Mobile that you have established a connection .

Thats it! You are Done ! Now synchronize your important data on Android Device to your PC via Wifi.