Apple’s most awaited phone,Apple iPhone 4S had been already released with iOS 5 as its operating system . I have already given the list of Top 10 Best Features of iPhone 4S as well as The Top 10 Best Features of iOS 5 out of its 200 new features which might want to check !

As soon as the this iOS 5 update was launched, there has been many error messages like ‘Error 3200‘ received by the Apple users as the Apple servers got heavily loaded.One of the appreciated features of iOS 5 undoubtedly is Wireless Synchronization. With this feature (Apple iTunes WiFi Sync) any Apple user can easily synchronize their apps,music,podcasts without even connecting or wiring their iDevices to PC or Mac using annoying cables.

So inorder to get started with the process of Wi-Fi synching, the first thing you should check is if your iTunes is upgraded or not! If not ,upgrade it now to move on with the following steps ! Just download the iOS 5 only for the compatible devices and not for the incompatible devices like iPhone 3G etc.

Inorder to enjoy the flavours of wireless freedom, you have to follow the below steps such that you can instantly Setup a Wi-Fi sync with iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5 !

Step 1

First thing you need to make sure is that your iPhone,iPad or iPod devices are connected to PC or Mac using Wi-Fi.

Step 2

Start Apple iTunes manually by connecting your iDevice to PC or Mac using cables if it doesnt show up automatically.


Step 3

Now in sidebar you have to select your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch that you have connected now !

Step 4

In the menu bar you need to click on “summary” and then move over to the “Option” menu.

Step 5

Now check or tick on the option “Sync with this iPhone Over Wi-Fi” and you may also have to check on the “Open iTunes When this iPhone is connected” such that your iTunes will be launching as soon as iPhone gets connected via Wi-Fi. Finally make sure that you click on the Apply to save these settings !

Step 6

Now detach or unplug the iDevice from PC or Mac, and launch the Wi-Fi sync by following the below path -

First Go to Settings >then select General>now tap on iTunes>then on Wi-Fi Sync > finally tap on Sync now to get this process done !