[How To] Run Android Games And Applications On Your Windows PC

Play Android Games / Run Android Apps On Your Windows PC Using BlueStacks App Player :

Want To Play/Run Android Games and Apps On Your Windows PC? This can be made possible using Emulators. In my previous article I have written about How To Run Android Applications And Games Using Youwave Emulator.In this article, you will be learning about How To Use BlueStacks App Player To Run Android Apps and Games On Your Windows PC easily.BlueStacks App Player is a free to download software that is readily available for windows PC users. With the help Of BlueStacks App Player you can easily launch any of your Android Apps or Games on to the PC and Use them. It is just like bringing your Android Applications on to a Bigger screen.

How To Install/Use BlueStacks App Player  To Run Android Apps And Games On Windows PC  :


The first thing you need to do is Free Download Of BlueStacks App Player on to your Windows PC and Install it .

Step 2

Once You have done installing , Launch the program and there you will be seeing a Pre-installed apps gadget of BlueStacks. It contains 9 most interesting apps like Aporkalypse,Talking Tom 2 , Drag racing,Bloomberg,Pulse, Bubble Buster, Words Free, Alchemy  and Bebbled within a window that is navigable.

Step 3

Inorder to launch more apps on to the window you can directly click on the icon that says “Get More Apps” , which will inturn open a page with BlueStacks Channels within the browser. You can even use your Facebook Account to get logged in and finally you must click on the ‘Subscribe‘ button inorder to install the App. The subscribe button is present just below each and every App, check it out !

Use BlueStacks Cloud Connect App :

Sychronizing  Apps between your Android Phone and Windows PC can be made possible using The App Player , BlueStacks Cloud Connect App which is readily available in the Android Market for download.All you need to do is Free Download BlueStacks Cloud Connect App on to your Android Mobile. By providing some PIN credentials you can establish a connection between both your Windows PC and from then you will able to push the Android Phone apps on to the Windows PC.

Check Out The Below Video – BlueStacks App Player In Action [Demo]: