[How To] Put Folders Within Folders Or All Apps In One Folder On iOS 5 Without Jailbreak

Easily Organize Folders and Apps On iOS 5 Devices without jailbreaking ! Along with the iOS 4, folder feature also came around in the year 2010. It’s function is very limited, when it comes to users who want many apps to be installed. The limitations are – you cannot put a folder into a folder and the maximum limit of apps that you can drop into each folder is 12 (apps).So many of you might be following tweaks for folder-enhancement by jailbreaking your iDevice.

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So if you dont want to jailbreak your iOS device there are ways that you could follow easily and get this done.There is an iOS 5 flaw with which you can easily place a folder within a folder and for this you need not have to jailbreak the iOS device.This idea is on discussion at AppAdvice website about exploiting and placing a folder inside a folder without jailbreaking.

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The method works this way, first onto an app icon another app icon must be dragged such that a folder will be created and then you drop another folder into the folder that you have created earlier. This will have to create a folder within folder easily. The only catch is that your iOS will get crashed and restarted whenever you access to a subfolder. So the only use of following this method is that you can hide the stock apps that are uninstallable into that subfolder as you will never make use of it !

You must be pretty confused by now : So I have included a YouTube video below to understand it better ! Check it out !