Passcode Lock : To Password protect your Apple devices : iPhone or iPad 

Now Secure Your Apple iPhone Or iPad Using A Passcode Lock Easily . Inorder to give a full protection to your Apple iPhone or iPad you must be wondering How Do I Password Protect My iPhone or iPad Using Passcode Lock ?. There are many advantages is password protecting your iPhone or iPad as it gets locked and ensures you a bit of privacy.

[How To] Set A Simple 4-Digit Passcode Lock To Your iPhone and iPad :

Inorder to provide a simple 4-Digit password protection to your iPhone or iPad , you just need to follow the below instructions carefully :

First Open Settings >> Then you must Tap On the option General >> Now you must be able to see Passcode Lock option on which you must Tap On >> Finally Turn On the Passcode and enter your 4-Digit Password >> Re-enter the password for confirmation >> You have successfully Set your Passcode on to your iPhone or iPad!


[How To] Set A Strong Alpha-numeric Password To Your iPhone and iPad :

If you think the 4-digit Passcode is not satisfactory to you then you can opt for a strong alphanumeric passcode.Follow the below steps to password protect your iPhone or iPad strongly:

At First you need to Go to Settings >> Now click on the option General and then on Passcode Lock >> Now must carefully Slide the Simple Passcode to OFF and input your desired passcode >> Re-entering the Passcode will finally confirm and your iPhone is Strong-password-protected !

A Little About Siri And Passcodes :

Siri as we all know its one of the best features of iPhone 4S and this voice control system can bypass Passcodes for sending messages or for making calls and other similar functions. So it might be a security risk for you and I recommend to toggle it (OFF) in the screen which is the same.

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