How To Install Ubuntu Linux On Your HP TouchPad Tablet : Tutorial [ Guide ]

Install or Run Ubuntu Linux on Your HP TouchPad Tablet running on WebOS 3.0 Operating System by following this Guide now! HP TouchPad is a powerful tablet with Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 GHZ Processor and a display of 1024 x 768 pixel resolution with a 9.7 inch screen.

As we all know that Ubuntu OS is available as Open Source and the benefit that you can expect from installing Ubuntu on HP tablet is both Ubuntu Linux and Web OS can be Dual-booted on your TouchPad. We will get to know How To Dual-boot both Ubuntu Linux an webOS on your HP TouchPad later.

How To Install Or Run Ubuntu Linux OS on HP TouchPad Tablet :
Step 1

First you have to make sure that Preware is installed. This is nothing but a Homebrew app’s repository system and you can get the utilities which are no present in the App catalog of WebOS. At WebOS Internals Wiki you will be able to find several Instruction sets on how to Install Preware. By making use of Software Developer Kit ( SDK ) of HP or Quick Install Tool of WebOS Or even by making use of Stadalone Installer or by command line the entire process can be achieved.

Step 2

Now Meta-Doctor Setup must be done on your HP TouchPad Tablet. By making use of Linux you can get Java Runtime as well as Git installed along with the software Palm Novacom and other scripts of Meta-Doctor can be downloaded too. Web OS doctor must be downloaded and installed. The ext3fs partition must be created on the TouchPad and also check if there is enough space available to install Linux. The ext3fs partition must be now mounted and for that you can follow this instructions from PreCentral forums.

Step 3

Ubuntu Chroot


You need to Enable the WebOS Internals Testing Feeds in Preware first. Then Ubuntu 11.04 Chroot, XServer and Xecutah must be installed. Now XServer must set to Run. By returning to Xecutah hit on the Ubuntu 11.04 Chroot. Then you will be taken to the Ubuntu Linux’s command line version. You can make use of Apt-get install inorder to get the packages of Ubuntu installed. Suppose that, you can get a graphical UI by installing LXDE, Xfce, icewm. Though Unity, KDE, GNOME needs more system resources you can also make use of them.

On the your HP TouchPad there is no specified rule that all the apps of Ubuntu Linux will work. Apps might not have been compiled for the ARM-Processor of the HP TouchPad so that should be the reason for apps not getting worked.There are also many reports regarding the web browsers like Chromium, Firefox and the Flash plugin for the mentioned browsers seem to be working. Also other apps like VNC software, Transmission Bittorrent Client, LibreOffice suite are found to be working.While using Ubuntu you must also be able to type on the On-Screen keyboard too.