[How To] Get Mac OS Styled Dashboard Widgets On To Your Windows PC

Would You Like To Turn Your Windows PC Desktop To Mac OS Widgets Dashboard ? Then you would surely love this article. Most of the PC users love to transform their desktop looks and the most preferred look is the Mac OS style. With few free Windows desktop customization tools that are readily available on the web you can easyily bring Dashboard Widgets of Mac OS to your Windows Desktop.

With the help of a free windows desktop customization tool called Xwidget – which gives your windows desktop a styled new look of Mac OS, with beautifully placed dashboard widgets. The widgets get the live info from the web and updating you every moment.

Inorder to customize this,all you need to do is :

First Download X-Widget Software for Free from the link given below.

After downloading install it and once the setup is completed you will be seeing already installed widgets at the bottom of the screen. You can just use the drag-n-drop feature , and drop any widget of your desire on the desktop screen. Once you are finished you can close the below dashboard. There is also online support gallery from which more interesting widgets are available. These are very less in size, so the faster download and installation along with performance will at your desktop screen.

Free Download Of  Xwidget  - Get Mac OS X Widgets To Windows PC 



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