How To Get iOS 6 on iPhone 2G,3G & iPod touch 1G, 2G using Whited00r 6

Ever wished to install iOS 6 on iPhone 2G , 3G or iPod Touch 1G, 2G ? Software support for older Apple devices is not that great according to many users of 2G and 3G products of Apple. There are many new iDevices readily available in the market that come along with other new devices made by the rivals of Apple. Though most of the people desire to have newer Apple device, many stick on to their budget and go for owning old devices i.e, earlier generations of device.

For those who are using these older devices a utility is made available by Whited00r which gives a fresh new look which appears just like you have updated your iDevice to iOS 6 version. It is to be noted that iOS 6 upgrade is possible upto iPhone 3GS device. So the users who are having iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G and also iPod Touch both first and second generations need not be disappointed regarding the appearance of your iDevice. One year back Whited00r 5.1 had made its arrival which was used by people for giving their older iPhone or iPod Touch devices an impression of iOS 5 device.

You always need to make sure that the right version of Whited00r is downloaded. Follow below instructions carefully and is not responsible for any device damage or bricking. Try it at your own risk.

1. Make sure that you are downloading the right version of firmware file onto your iPhone. If you are a user of iPod Touch there isn’t much process that you have to go through but if you are an iPhone user, you will have to go the link provided at the end of this post and there a decision has to be made regarding the download of Normal version of Whited00r or the Unlocked version of Whited00r.

2. With the help of iTunes it is safe to backup all the data present on your device before starting the process. Whited00r developers also made this suggestion so that if you face any difficulties or data loss, restoring the backup could save your valuable time as well as useful data.

3. Now using an USB cable your iPhone or iPod Touch device has to be connected to PC which will be eventually detected by iTunes. Once it gets detected navigate to the General page of the device in iTunes.

4. Inorder to restore, manual selection of the firmware file is now required. To get this done you need to use shortcuts. On Mac it is Alt/Option + Restore and On Windows the Shift key must be holded and then hit on restore.

5. Finally the Whited00r 6 firmware file has to be selected and it will be flashed onto the device with the help of iTunes. During the process device might flicker or restart.

Though you can’t get all the features that are in iOS 6, most of the noteworthy enhancements will be done using Whited00r.


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