How To Download Your Facebook Photo Albums To Desktop

3 Best ways To Download Your Facebook Albums To Desktop:

Most of you want to download Your Facebook albums directly on to Your desktop but not many of you know how to do it .This is actually a best way of backing up your facebook photos which worth alot to you.This is also best choice when you decide to move your photos to new facebook account or online photo albums.Here I present you an article with the best 3 possible ways to download facebook albums to desktop directly.

1.Fotobounce : How to download Facebook and Flickr Albums to desktop

This is the best application to Download your Facebook and Flickr albums directly to your desktop. You will have to download a desktop client which is really intuitive and amazing .You can download your personal albums as well as your friends albums to download . The interesting feature is you can almost create a hub of all your photos and organize them neatly with Fotobounce. It is also having face recognition feature which is an added asset.This is really a must have application and is available for both PC and MAC.

2.Pick & Zip :

This is THE BEST WAY TO DOWNLOAD FACEBOOK ALBUMS ONLINE .As the name itself is indicating you just need to pick the entire collection that you need to download which can be downloaded as a zip file. There is another interesting way of downloading it and it is in PDF format.There is no need of any software downloading ,installation and paying methods that bother you. You can actually manage and pick the photos you want by signing in with your facebook account and then download your selection easily.The main advantage is you can also download your friends albums too along with your photos. Check it out. Its a really cool site though you need to grant facebook app permission to it.

3. PhotoGrabber :

PhotoGrabber really comes in handy to download all your Facebook albums to your PC.It is available for both PC and MAC.


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