[How To] Delete Empty Folders On Your Windows PC Quickly

The Best way to delete your empty folders :

As you keep on using or installing and uninstalling  different programs or softwares, there will be many empty folders left on your hard disk. They all remain as junk until you format your hard-disk or manually delete each empy folder. Can you imagine if there are some hundreds of empty folders on your hdd without any use?. There is a solution for this.You need a scanner that can automatically scans all your partitions and bring all the empty folders to one place so that you can either recheck or delete them directly.

Today in this article I will explain you how to delete empty folders on your windows PC step-by-step .

Step 1 -

Firstly you will have to download a free tool called Remove Empty Directories to your PC.

Step 2 -

Once you finished downloading it ,Install it on your PC and launch it.

Step 3 -

Now browse and select the drives which you want to scan and click on Scan button.

Step 4-

The program will scan all the selected drives or folders and display you the list of empty folders.

Step 5-

Now recheck the folders if you wish to and click on Delete to trash them all .

Thats it ! You are done ! Its just that simple.

Note : You can use this tool on Windows XP ,Windows Vista and Windows 7 ! This is the best tool to filter out Unwanted empty folders on your Windows PC .