How To Create Filters In Hotmail – Tutorial

You must be already knowing why you need an Email Filter. An Email Filter is essential for organizing your messed up emails or to sort them into a specific lable or a folder so that you can easily read or delete them according to the priorities you set to them. Well in other articles we have discussed about How to setup email filters in Gmail , Yahoo. Now we are going to learn to setup Email filters in hotmail through this tutorial .

Hotmail has changed alot within a year and it also made many get confused of how to filter the emails.

Step by step Tutorial on How To Setup Email Filters In Hotmail :


Step 1

Sign into your hotmail account and check for Options and click on it.

Step 2

Then you will be displayed couple of options in which you have to select “more options” and click on it.

Step 3

Now you will see a lot of options . Locate “Rules for sorting new messages” under “Customizing hotmail” and click on it. Dont keep thinking what a rule is , its just hotmail way calling a “filter” .

Step 4

Now you will be seeing a dropdown box in which there are different rules. You can select whatever you want depending upon your requirement. For instance lets choose option ” show only move and delete rules”  and click on New button.

Step 5

Finally you have to fill in the details in the fields provided ( Check my previous article on setting up Gmail Filters to get a basic idea on how to fill the fields Click on this link )

Step 6

After filling your details you can choose actions provided just below like you can make a New folder (hotmail way of calling a label) and can move the desired or undesired mails to sort out into that Folder.

Step 7

Finally when you are done with filling click on Save and You are done !


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