How To Control Data Usage On Your Android Phone : Onavo Free App Download

How To Monitor 3G Data Usage or Limit to Keep track of Data Usage On Android Mobiles : Control your Data Usage On Your Android Phones easily now !  - If you are an Android user, you must be probably making use of internet by enabling your Wi-Fi or 3G connection on your Android Mobile. If you don’t monitor and control how much data is being used on mobile you will finally end up paying high prices. As you keep on downloading data and load number of webpages your data usage will be increased and if you keep track of it there are chances that you can regulate the data usage of specific data and save some money. So how to do it ? All you need is an Android App which can keep track or Monitor your data usage and alerts you for controlling it .

Onavo is a best data usage monintoring Android App that I found to be easy to use. Control on your data usage is nothing but the take control over spending money which can be done easily using this app. All the Settings can be made very easily and there are several other features of this app which are to be discussed.

Best Features Of Onavo Android App :

* Many websites literally gobble up data and Facebook is such website that almost every user opens atleast once in a day. So by using Onavo app you will be alarmed about such high data usage websites and then you can decide about taking neccessary actions according to your wish.

* Whatever websites consume high data usage, they will not only be alarmed but also will be recommended to you for browsing over Wi-Fi if it is available in the vicinity.

* You can even set certain limitations regarding the Cost, Billing etc in a predefined way such that you can manually restrict the data usage based on your requirements.

* From carriers, the best data plans that suits you will be chosen by Onavo App with which you can select any plan that suiits your need.

Free Download Onavo Android App [ Via Android Market ]

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