[How To] Change Default Web Browser On Your Windows PC Easily

Want To Change Your Default Web Browser In Windows PC ? You must be running multiple web browsers (Chrome,Firefox,Safari or IE)on your windows and at times you feel like setting up only one browser as default. Though you have many options that come in the web browser which you have go and setup inorder to make them default,sometimes you may face difficulty in searching the default options itself. So inorder to make this easy there are lots softwares that are available on the web but one freeware did really caught my attention . In this article you will be knowing about how to Change Default Web Browser Using Change Default Browser Software .

[How To] Turn A Web Browser Into Default Browser In Windows PC Using A Software: 

Step 1

Inorder to make a web browser as your default browser, first you need to download a freeware/windows utility software called  Change Default Browser and Install it . Download Link is given below the post.

Step 2

After downloading it just make sure that it gets installed on your windows PC and then launch the application.

Step 3

Now you will observe a window screen showing up all your installed web browsers on PC. If they dont show up for any reason automatically, you can even browse and choose the  web browser manually.

Step 4

Now click on the radio button of a particular browser and then click on Set As Default Browser Option and close the application.

Thats it ! Now you have set a default browser on your Windows PC very easily using Change Default Browser Freeware .

[For Windows Xp,Vista,Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.]

Free Download Of Change Default Browser