How Much Data Does Siri Actually Use On Your iPhone 4S – Ars Investigates

Have you ever wondered that “How much data does Siri Use on My iPhone 4S?“,if so here is the answer for you! Ars Tecnica takes a step ahead and investigates how much data in iPhone 4S is being gobbled up by Siri!  We all love to ask Siri many silly questions like “ Siri,Will You Marry Me?” , ” Siri! Tell Me A Story!“, but do you really want know how much data is being consumed by Siri ? Have a look at the report given by Ars tecnica below -

According to Ars Technica, whether it may be 3G or Wi-Fi, a network connection is needed for Siri to perform its “digital assistance”. Many tests have been conducted on this and finally came up with jaw-dropping results.All they did was , 6 local tasks were performed on iPhone 4S using Siri. They questioned Siri with various queries like ” What is the contact info for Ars Tecnica?”,”Make an appointment for 2pm on Friday”(they cancelled the task again telling the same to Siri) and “Remind me to file expense reports when I get home”! These local tasks consumed the data usage of about 220KB, which on average per query gives us a result of 36.7KB surprisingly.

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Apart from these Offline or local tasks, there are also 5 online tasks/lookups performed. These online queries are made including some basic questions that include ” What is Lady Gaga’s real name?” ,”How many movies has Kevin Bacon been in?“,”How many calories in a muffin?” etc. For these online lookups Siri gobbled up a data usage of about 473.5KB in total and the per query average would be around 94.72KB.

So if you add up all the 11 queries together, the total data usage would be around 693.6KB which on per query average would be 63KB. The thing that makes sense here is that local queries wont consume much data when compared to online look ups which is quite obvious.Suppose if you ask the same 11 questions to Siri everyday there would be a monthly consumption of 20MB of your data.

So… Are the numbers higher or lower than you expected them to be? Comment below !



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