A transparency Report by Google Unveiled – A report has been released by the Google on how the Governments and the Police agencies get to know about the information that is being accessed by the users on web. In order to have a positive effect on the public policies and the Government’s access to the citizen’s online activities, the company takes into consideration the number of requests and the exact number of user accounts on under some kind of survellaince. According to Mr. Dorothy Chou, the method in which the information flows on the net is marked by the absence of empirical data and various other factors are to be taken into account such as displaying traffic patterns , interruptions that are caused to the services of the company by various governments, the amount user data that is received from the world and by sharing how many issues that the Government requests for content removal.

These requests are generally made through police,bureaucratic and related legal channels to acquire information about all possible criminal as well as terrorist activity. During the first six months of 2011 in the US, Google received 5950 government or police requests for some information pertaining to  11057 unique accounts, out of which 93 percent have been either fully or partially complied with and round the globe they were about 15506 requesting information for 25440 accounts. Google has got every right to turn cold shoulders to the Government’s request to eliminate few content that is against the Government. For instance, Google bluntly denied a police request to remove 236 orkut communities and profiles as they featured few criticism regarding a local politician. There is a similar instance where the agencies requested the company to delete few YouTube clips that contained protests against local leaders and some unofficial language that is used. Similar is the case that happened in the US where the company declined to remove the YouTube clips showing police brutality.

The unbiased decision making of the company tends to have a great social impact on the person posting the content and it does reveal the integrity of the host for keeping that content in the lime light.