Google Maps Facing Problems in Australia Just Like Apple Maps & Warned by Police

Blunders of one company can be marketing pulls for their rivals. Apple Maps blunder was a great advantage to Samsung devices capitalization as their devices offer much better navigation on Maps. In my previous article, I had mentioned the release of Google Maps app for Apple iOS Devices which envied every Android user out there. Now there is an issue brought to notice that Samsung can still continue to point out at Apple’s blunders.

Previously there was a warning given by the police department of Colac, Australia regarding Apple Maps now they even doubt the Google Maps. According to them most of the travellers who use Google Maps to reach their destination along the southern Otways and the Great Ocean Road are facing risk of accidents. By following the Google Maps directions along these places one might end up hitting a one-way road called Wild Dog Road. Sergeant Nick Buenen also specifies that Wild Dog Road can’t handle heavy traffic.

Google defended itself from all these allegations and also trying to explain people that Wild Dog Road is not routed if the people are not destined along it. There is other road that people are routed through where Wild Dog Road will be avoided and it is the Forrest Apollo Road also known as Skenes Creek Road.

Right now a debate is still going on this issue and once we get the information it will be updated.