Free Download TouchRetouch App For Android -Erase Unwanted Image Content

Free Download TouchRetouch Android App Now ! Remove Unwanted Content From Your Photos - With the help of this amazing Photo Editing Android App you can easily remove any unwanted content that is present on your photos easily and quickly with just fews taps.This kind of technology used by the apps is quite familiar and is called in-painting technology with which you can achieve the image that you want without any defects in it. This technology was already introduced to the Photoshop by Adobe developers last year that was named as Content-Aware Fill. So let’s see what this TouchRetouch App does actually !

If you are a photoshop expert you will be using a tool called Lasso Tool for selecting and cutting the areas of an Image. The same way this app provides you a Lasso tool with which you need to highlight the area on your Photo to be removed. Thats it now tap on the Start/GO to get the process done . You can say this is a magic and it really works fine as I have seen many satisfied reviews on it!

This app is Originally developed by Adva Soft and is easily available at Android Market as two versions, both – Free And Paid. So try the free one first and then if you are satisfied enough you can buy the Paid version of TouchRetouch. Paid version is now available for a cost price of $0.99 and If you are really interested in Editing Photos or Disappearing Content on your Photos then you can choose this paid version which come with no ads.

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TouchRetouch Android App Paid Version Download 

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