Free Download PhotoBooth Android App : Create Easy Photostrips & Share Fun

Combine Multiple Photos On Your Android Mobile To Create Photostrips easily ! Though there are many Apps for your Android Mobile that are easily available in the Android Market only few can gain importance among the users and one among such apps is Photobooth. With the help of Photobooth now photo-taking and sharing has become very easy. Just with a single tap all your work can be done.The uniqueness of Photobooth is that, you can keep any of your three photos together and make a Photostrip out of them such that you can save the output image as a single file.

This  Free Android App will reduce your effort of sharing many photos with your friends by combining all the photos together into a single photo.The user interface is very neat and you will be much impressed for the first time when this app is launched. There are a wide range of options like Size,Order,Setting Format, the way they can be arranged etc which are really cool. If you dont have any photos in your Photo albums, there are options with which you can make use of your built-in camera and take photos to combine &  make a Photostrip !

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Creating Custom Photostrips is really fun and you have to try this App for sure to make that possible ! Though there are certain features lacking in this App like you can’t add any effects to your photos but still it’s a worthy app that you must give a try ! Once you are done with making Photostrips, they can be shared easily on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also on Gmail easily ! The Download link is given at the end of this post check it out !

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Free Download Of PhotoBooth Android App [via Android Market]