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Google Plus App Update For Android has been released by Google developers.Now it came with the performance at its best and totally new looking awesome designs. This updated version of Google+ v2.1 is mainly targeting the visual interface and performance wise also it is very advanced as it improves the battery life. The most important and highly-demanded update for Google+ was the sign out feature and now Google+ update (Google+ v2.1) came up providing us that option.

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There also improvements made regarding the Significant notifications and several bugs got fixed. You can easily add anyone from the circle profiles to a specific circle now using this update.For the people who use Facebook, Google+ might not be that appealing as there is lot of addiction to Facebook already. The only drawback of Google plus was it is a closed beta and not open to everyone.


Only when someone invites you, then it is possible to join up the Google+. So many of the Facebook users though they took a decision of leaving Facebook and joining Google+ before its release, changed their mindset again towards Facebook as there were no sufficient invites. With Circles and Hangouts features Google+ will be the unbeatable social networking site, unless neccessary improvements are made to it !


So if you are a Google+ user, this update will be very useful as well as intuitive to you !

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Free Download Of Google+ Update For Android Mobiles or Devices