Facebook By The Numbers [Infographic] – A Numerical Overview Of Facebook

Facebook By The Numbers Infographic is the total overview of Facebook active users,number of posts,photos uploaded,number of languages people speak etc. So if you love to know the Numerical Information about Facebook this Infographic will be really helpful. According to this Infographic, Facebook is the world’s largest social networking platform with more than 800 million number of active users everyday and also more than 50 percent of Facebook registered users login into their Facebook Accounts Daily.

Do you know that every “Like” and “Comment” you do on a post are part of 2 billion Likes & Comments on posts everyday ? Also you must be already aware of the fact that more than 2.5 billion i.e., 250 million photos are uploaded every day on to Facebook.

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25 % of The Facebook users belong to US , who(a person) on average spends almost 7 hrs 46 minutes of his day on Facebook. Other 75 % users of Facebook belong to the all other countries excluding US. Facebook made available for its users in almost 70 different languages.

By now you must be understanding how Facebook deep rooted into our daily routine. This infographic is wonderfully designed by Emily Caufield . I really appreciate the work, the design is pretty neat and very informative.

How To Get All Numerical Information About Facebook :

Image Credits : Emily Caufield, The designer .