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World of Goo Puzzle Game app (.apk ) both Full version and Free version for Android Mobile Phones in Android Market Now : World of Goo, a physics based puzzle game developed by an independent developer 2D Boy’s has finally come back to iPhone after a very long time of its debut on the Wii console. This game is really amazing and a winner of Design Innovation Award, and Technical Excellence at the Independent Games Festival. The app after more than three years since the launch of its very first title, is going to land in the Android Market already.


This game comes in a Free version and it includes the first of its five chapters and later you are recommended to check it out for buying. The five chapters are divided into several levels and each level inturn potrays its own graphic and musical theme by rendering you a unique atmosphere. It also has an additional meta-game called World of Goo Corporation that needs to build the highest tower using goo balls which the player collected through the course of the game. The height of the tower and the number of balls are constantly uploaded by the 2D Boy server which thereby enables players all around the world to compete.

All the ball placements that you make are tricky and the structures that you build often bend and sway as they are put together. The gameplay demands you to bring out all your skills that will make dozens odd  goo balls into workable structures by facing all the challenges laid in front of you at each and every level.  If you are presently using an Android with a smaller screen, then make sure for yourself that this does not become an obstacle while playing.

As this game is made available in the market, take an opportunity to make the full version yours for $3, and enjoy gaming!

Download Via Android Market [ Free Lite Version ] [ Paid Version ]

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