Download SayHi Translate App For iPhone 4S & iPad 2 with Multi-language Support

Wanna Install a Multi-Language translator app on your iOS devices ? The presence of internet and many mobile devices which are being availed on daily basis, have been making people to stay connected in this world that seems to be shrinking. The hidrances that are caused by varying languages especially for all those of you who travel on a regularly whether it be a business or personal trip, have not been solved.

On-the-fly translations did make all the regular travellers familiar with services like Google Translate and other apps that are already available. The issues of these services are that they do not always get the tense of the phrase correct and will not give you the option to hear an audible version of the translation to get a better understanding of the pronunciation.

To make things good, there comes this SayHi Translate app. It is a universal app, well designed for the iPhone and the iPad. The credit of this app goes to the developers over at SayHi LLC., It makes you to dictate a word or a phrase to the app in their native language and then have it read back to you in a language of your own choice. The app, made universal will be supporting installation on the iPad, comes with over 23 languages and dialects that range from British English to Mandarin.

SayHi is a powerful and a pocket sized translation tool which makes you to reap the benefits of immediate audible translation and contains comprehensive support for multiple languages. The greatest feature of this app is that it can be used in a conversational sense that means you can give you desired replies into the app in your language and have SayHi translate it back to English. This reduces the above mentioned language barrier that is experienced while travelling.

All the users may not be reluctant to own this app that is priced at $2.99 but for all the price-sensitive customers who are well known of the presence of all other free alternatives at the App Store may deny to buy it. On the other hand, some of you may regard this app priceless because of a simple user interface and its support for a high number of languages.

You can download SayHi Translate for iPhone and iPad.

Download SayHi Translate App [ Via App Store ]