2012 Antivirus Software For Free Download : AVG AntiVirus Free Edition

AVG is one among the top Anti-virus software solutions.This is also one of the best downloaded antivirus softwares around the globe.Now it has released its Free edition 2012 which can protect your PC from trojans,rootkit infections and other viruses. It not only provides good antivirus products but also has the best internet protection features,with which special online shields and firewall get installed on your PC providing  a complete protection . As most of you will be using social networking sites, you must use the best internet protection for safe-surfing and AVG is offering such service. AVG is stable unlike other antivirus softwares that really keep bothering you !


The main features of AVG antivirus 2012 are :

* It includes link-scanner which will always keep you warned of harmful sites that might affect your PC.

* AVG updates itself automatically and you can also install updates manually.

* The scanner is very quick and time saving.

* It can be installed on any Windows OS (XP,VISTA AND WINDOWS 7)

So it is the best and easy to install Antivirus For 2012.  Just download and install it to protect your PC from various threats !

 Download and Install Instructions :

1.First download the installer available at cnet :

download.cnet.com/AVG-Anti-Virus-Free-Edition-2012 .

2.Then run it so that it will extract some files and provide you two options, one is basic and other one is Trial for the premium version which can be used for 30-days along with the basic version and then you can switch to basic free version later. So depending upon your choice , AVG downloads the files from internet and get them installed.

3.Reboot the PC once you are done with installation and it is recommended that you run a quick scan in the startup !

Thats it ! You are done ! So download AVG which is The Best 2012 Antivirus Software For Free Download !