Download Apple iTunes 11.0.1 update For Mac and Windows 8

Couple weeks ago, Apple released iTunes 11 version that came out for download after a long wait. It has been updated to 11.0.1 version today with number of bug fixes. In this update the issues of iCloud and Airplay are said to be fixed. In your iTunes library, if there is any presence of duplicate content with the help of this update it can be easily displayed.

Many of the users who reported that the items of iCloud are not being displayed in the library can make use of this update. Users who found Airplay button getting disappeared can also find a solution by updating their iTunes to 11.0.1.

Many found iTunes to be not that efficient while searching for some items in a huge library. With this latest update iTunes search is made more responsive than before. The ability to display the content that is duplicated within your library is one of the best fix so far. Users can easily remove duplicated items in a large library which will eventually free up their disk space and allows to add up more content. This might not look like an important feature for few but most of the users who maintain huge libraries might find it very helpful.

Click Here To Download Apple iTunes 11.0.1 Update For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac.