Download Angry Birds Seasons Wrecks the Halls : Android & iOS App

Apple iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android OS  [ Free ] Gets Angry Birds Seasons ” Wrecks the Halls ” in Latest Holiday or Christmas ( X- mas ) Update now ! Angry Birds, a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Mobile has been first released for Apple’s iOS. This has got a overwhelmed response from the users of iPhone and will be constantly targeted for the latest thematic updates. It is just a month away this year that the collection of Halloween levels debuted. Currently, Rovio is almost on the verge to bring out something new for you. It is all about the collection of boards full of snow and ice in ‘ Wreck the Halls ‘.

‘Wreck the Halls’ has a compatible 25 new levels that you need to endeavour at. The set of avian friends is back along with a new orange bird addition from the last go-round. Wreck the Halls is readily available in Apple‘s App Store and the Android Market right now. There has been minor exclaimations from the users who have made a note of the Android version of the app that was requesting for few new permissions.

There is this presence of little amount of disorder in the views especially in the shadow of these CarrierIQ shenanigans. But there is nothing to prove that the Rovio’s latest update is not keeping up the accepted standards of the game.

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