Apple defends Siri abortion, birth control omissions as unintentional ! Apple iPhone 4S best feature - Siri, a knowledge navigator and a personal assistant application for iOS, seems to keep back potentially controversial results from you. When Siri is asked for help, having an intuition of a human at the time of giving responses, should disclose well-rounded and be indifferent. According to ACLU, a non-profit organization that preserves individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person, pointed out that Siri is being partial towards the proclamation of results in some cases.

It has been noted that Siri has been rendering poor or insufficient responses to queries about abortions and birth control. The app responded with some pro-life pregnancy crisis clinics, but not the straight-up abortionists requested. Similarly it remained stoic when asked about where to buy birth control. ACLU noted that these staggered responses of Siri may be due to the lack of proper information in locating a store selling a particular form of birth control.

ACLU has got the chance of pointing out the glitch in iPhone 4S. But at this moment it may lead to a debate whether the app is perfectly innocent or is there any dev letting their politics leak into the apps. Whatever that has been heard till now is really not that convincing and is never treated as a fall in the level of Siri’s proficiency. However, lets hope that Apple takes these negative aspects with an open mind and comes up with vivid explanations to answer all the ACLU’s concerns.

Source : ACLU