Difference Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org [Infographic]

We all are aware of the fact that WordPress is the most widely used Content Mangement System. Do you know that WordPress comes in 2 flavours ? Yes it is ! One is WordPress.com and the other one is WordPress.Org .

Let me explain you the minor difference between both – In WordPress.com the hosting as well as the maintence cant be done by the individuals . It will be managed by the Official WordPress team . Its just like an altenative to the blogspot.com by Google. You can just blog on it but you cant host your weblog ! Whereas WordPress.org gives you the full power or the ownership to control ,maintain and host your blog.

The main reason why people choose WordPress.Org is, it is very Flexible when compared to WordPress.com. If you are beginner Try WordPress.com for few days and learn the tactics of it and then jump on to WordPress.org .

Below given is a beautiful Infographic designed by WPBeginner.com inorder to differentiate between both WordPress.org and WordPress.com !


[Image Credits : WPBeginner.com]