Check Out New Firefox OS Simulator including it’s Official Video on YouTube

With Google Chrome as their main competitor, Firefox browser is being updated regularly by the Team Mozilla developers. An announcement has been made by Mozilla on Firefox OS Simulator version 1.0 release and also per-window private browsing is introduced in the channel of Firefox Nightly.

With this OS Simulator we can test how Mozilla’s phone OS ( i.e., Operating system that mozilla is planning to release soon) is working . By using a Firefox add-on you can easily simulate the Firefox OS. This simulation was already launched just a month ago and by now many bug fixes has been updated. Many users who found difficult to use it prior to bug fixes are now easily able to test it. According to Team Mozilla, there are many advantages for Linux users specifically as it is now able to run on many Linux based systems.

As both Firefox OS and the add-on are not totally developed yet, the status on the Simulator is marked as “Preview” for now. If you feel like checking it out just click here. Now just go to Tools then jump on to Web Developer and then to Firefox OS Simulator. There you will find “Start” button, click on it. Finally a pop-up window appears in which Firefox OS preview can be seen.

You can watch the below YouTube Video on Firefox OS Simulator in case you find it difficult to boot :

Both Open and private windows can run simultaneously without having to quit sessions for the users of Firefox Nightly Channel.