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What Is Augmented Reality ? [Tutorial]

This is one of the most newfangled innovations done in the field of technology and this word is generally used when the elements of the real world envirornment are augmented by the system generated sensory inputs. In brief, it can be stated that AR lays over(super imposes) all the sensory inputs(like audio,video,graphics, GPS data and so on) from the computer screens on to the outside environment.

This phenomena is related to a concept called mediated reality where in the basic view of reality is modified by the computer. Because of this, the functioning of technology is enhanced by one’s perception for reality. Unlike the static graphical technology that is present in a television ,the AR is something that goes beyond it where in the system superimposing of graphics for each and every perspective by coinciding with the head and eye movements of the user.

Augmented Reality and its components :

There are three primary components of AR namely the head mounted display, the tracking system and the mobile computer for the software. The ultimate purpose behind the emergence of such a technology is to merge all three components into a highly portable unit.

AR and its applications :

In today’s world the potential uses of the AR systems can be used in every field possible. Once it gets available in the market, AR system will revolutionize the present day scenario.  Following are some of the fields in which the AR systems have casted their shadow:

1.Education: AR systems in combination with few technologies like for instance., WiFi could also be availed for providing instant info to its users. The simulations of the AR systems help in creating a birds eye view for many events that took place in past, develop a deeper understanding on the things like formation of clouds, structure of universe and galaxy etc.,

2.Security and defence: The Naval Research and Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency is the original pioneer of the AR systems. It plays a vivid role in analysing the movements of the enemies and gives all sorts of crucial info regarding their surroundings.

3.Medicine: In this field, AR systems help the surgeons to give a sensory perception of the patient’s body at the time of operation and even during diagnosis and thereby ensures less risk and more efficacy in surgeries.

4.Business: The AR systems will bring out timely decisions that ought to be taken in business by providing them the view of how the enterprise will make profits and its respective position in the business world with the mere sense of perception.

Finally it can be concluded that these AR systems can be used anywhere without any exceptions. The originality behind the info, coupled with highly sensitive perception will assure that the AR systems will play a prominent role in the future provided the required technology for AR systems is developed in the laboratories of both universities and high tech companies. It is anticipated that the first mass- produced augmented reality system will finds it place in the global markets by the end of this decade.

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