Apple Seeds iOS 5.0.1 For iPhone, iPad And iPod touch To Select End Users, Fixes Battery Woes

According to the reports by 9to5Mac, along with the seeding of iOS 5.0.1 to its developers for testing, its send out to some of the general users has also begun by Apple. As soon as the Apple iPhone 4S was released there are numerous complaints about the battery life by its users.

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Certain willing participants can test their Apple devices regarding any issues or for bugs by AppleSeed program which was being pushed by this release.So far there are two versions of iOS 5.0.1 beta that are released by Apple and made available for the developers which include the below fixes :

*The battery life affecting bugs are fixed.

*For the original iPad or Apple iPad 1 multitasking gestures are added.

*Bugs in the Cloud Documents are resolved.

*For the Australian users who use dictation the voice recognition is improved.

*Other enhancements and improvements with regards to security are done.

Regarding the issues of iPhone’s battery life, Apple gave its confirmation after it tracked down the problems faced by the users that are selected by Apple.

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An internal store memo has been issued by Apple which says about the how users who come for Apple Stores for complaining about the battery life have to be handled.In the memo, it was told that there shouldn’t be any replacement of phones that come with issues of battery life and the customers must be ensured that they will get a software update soon that can solve their issue!

(Via 9TO5Mac)