Android beats iOS In Mobile Apps Downloads – According to the recent report given by the ABI research, out of all mobile app downloads 44 percent of the them were the Android apps. This is the sole cause for making the Android sweep the market share unlike iOS. The high market share is a result of lading a large number of phones running the Google’s  Android operating system. Google CEO Larry Page declared that about 190million( approximately 600000 lac per day) Android devices are being activated worldwide.

On equating it with iPhone, the ladings of the later fell from 15 percent to 9 percent by the end of the second quarter but as far as Android is concerned the ladings rose from 20 percent in the first quarter to 36 percent in the following quarter. Apart from this the most significant fact to be noted is that the Android’s installed base i.e., the number of phones running Android is 2.4 to 1 over other devices running iOS. This measure of efficiency would rise to 3.6 by 2016. As per the survey of the research firm, the total number of mobile app downloaded so far is only 9 billion but it would reach 29 billion by the end of 2011.

There must have already been a misconception by this time among the users that, Apple is being overtaken by the Android. The ABI confirmed that the Apple is leading in terms of the number of downloads per person. The current ratio is 2 to 1( Two iOS apps for one Android app). The strategy that has been adopted by the Apple towards monetizing app is more and more pleasing to innovate developers because of the positive response of the users to pay for the apps.