3 Big Reasons Behind The Killing Of Adobe Flash Unveiled By Adobe Employee

According to Mike Chambers who is working for Adobe as the Developer relations chief, there are several reasons behind Adobe killing flash support to web browsers on Mobile. According to various sources, he felt that the company has not given enough details to the public about reasons behind killing the Adobe Flash. So he took a step ahead and written a detailed article on his personal blog. The reasons are given below :

3 Big Reasons Why Adobe Killed Flash Support On Mobile Web Browsers :

First Reason : HTML 5

Adobe’s deepest belief is that they can’t reach their goal using Flash where almost all mobile browsers are supporting HTML5 in the contemporary generation. They had tried enough to get the popularity and functionality of HTML5 through their Flash on mobiles but finally it was thought to be an impossible task.

* Second Reason : Apps 

Now presently there is no demand for the Apps that come as browser-based. So the demand for the flash player on mobiles is not as much as the demand that they receive from the Desktop users.

* Third Reason : Fragmentation

There was a lots of time wasted in dealing with other hardware manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola, whom they have to consult inorder to get their flash worked on the devices. Also platforms like Google, RIM and component manufacturers like Nvidia come in the list.

By considering above 3 reasons I feel that Steve Jobs was right about his decision on not dealing with Adobe Flash Support earlier on the Apple Products.

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